To provide Western Canada’s energy sector with safe, dependable and cost effective Non-Destructive Examinations, Inspections and solutions.


At Wright Quality Services Inc. (WQS), we are committed to operating responsibly both at a professional and personal level. We believe safety is the single most important element in any business, because people are the most powerful resource of any an organization. Our safety beliefs are driven by genuine care for each human life around the world. Any positive impact or intervention we can make will only be preceded by the proactive measures we put in place. Safety begins with respecting the land, environment and people who work hard each and every day. Our ambition is to make sure that sense of respect and value for human life is known and honoured by everyone in the organization. It is with these fundamentals in mind, that we conduct our everyday business.

We are guided by our principled values in all our affairs. We will do business in a manner that respects our employees, customers, community, government, nature and all stakeholders who we cross paths with in this journey. An honest service is living with integrity and solid ethics in every decision made, business related or not. We will deliver on commitments and hold transparency and truthfulness dear in our treatments of people, actions, systems, processes, principles and products of business.


WQS strives to achieve business solutions in Western Canada’s energy sector by applying sound business practices and safe work techniques. We will ensure customer satisfaction through responding to client needs and utilization of competent personnel. We will safely achieve this by applying appropriate methods, effective communication of defined issues, provide recommendations and implement safe solutions.

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