Business With Us

As a primary focus, WQS provides Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) and Field Evaluation Services (FES) for industries in Western Canada for maintenance in mining, energy, and oil & gas sectors. The secondary focus will be projects, turnarounds, outages and shutdowns; planned or unplanned events. WQS has acquired technical training and experience through employment with large organizations, making lasting and positive impacts to all. The goal amongst others is to deliver high-quality services for clients through safety, integrity and quality values.

At WQS, business with us isn’t a mere transaction, exchange of goods or a provision of services. We believe in establishing healthy and long-term relationships with our clients. We believe in fair business practices and ethical decision-making. Our candid approach to business with a focus on safety and achieving targets will prove supplemental to our client goals and objectives.

Whether it is the evaluation and inspection of components, welds, or any type of reliability equipment, we take pride in the technicalities of our work. We believe in being responsible for the work we do and exceeding the expectation of our clients. Exceeding the expectation of our clients isn’t a simple power line that is said for the sake of saying it, but at WQS, we live to successfully exceed expectations with no delay, zero incidents, and unparalleled performance.