WQS provides Non-Destructive Examinations, Visual Inspectors, and Field Evaluation Services with the right amount of personnel required to conduct the work safely, timely and efficiently. WQS provides the highest quality service in Western Canada targeting maintenance, projects, turnarounds, outages, planned and unplanned events in various industries. WQS is a Certified Welding Inspection Company in accordance with CSA W178.1 and successfully completed demonstrations for three jurisdictions; British Columbia (TSBC), Alberta (ABSA), and Saskatchewan (TSASK).  

Non-Destructive Examinations                                                 Visual Inspections
MT – Magnetic Particle Examination_————————————CWB W178.2 Certified Welding Inspectors
PT – Liquid Penetrant Examination_————————————Third Party Inspections – Vendor & Fabrication Facilities          UT – Ultrasonic Examination_———————————————-API 510 Inspector
RT – Radiography Examination__—————————————–API 570 Inspector 
ET – Eddy Current Examination__—————————————-API 653 Inspector 
PAUT – Phased Array Ultrasonic Examination—————————————————-

Field Evaluation Services                                                          Lifting Equipment Certification
FT – Ferrite Testing_————————————                           Mobile Equipment
HT – Hardness Testing (UCI & Telebrinell)_——– ——  —-  ——-Mobile & Stationary Cranes
PMI – Positive Material Identification (XRF Analyzer)___ ———–Forklifts
PMI – Soil Analysis (XRF Analyzer)__—————————-      —Manlifts & Baskets
PMI – Positive Material Identification & CE (LIBS Analyzer) 
CUI – Corrosion Under Insulation – Lyft PECA (Pulsed Eddy Current Array) 
TML – Thickness Monitoring Locations
CML – Corrosion Monitor Locations